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Supplier Memberships

  • The seller must provide information about the company, its headquarters and ways to contact it.
  • The seller must provide true and accurate personal information and update it if it changes.
  • The seller must abide by the terms of service and usage policy stipulated in the platform.
  • The seller must refrain from selling counterfeit, counterfeit or illegal products.
  • The seller must describe the products or services they are selling, including prices, specifications, and photos.
  • The seller must fulfill all requests from customers in a timely manner and deal with them in a professional and friendly manner.
  • The seller shall refrain from using the personal information of customers in any way, and shall not disclose or share it with any other person.
  • The seller must maintain a high level of quality and reliability in the products and services it provides.
  • The seller must refrain from improper dealings with customers, business partners or competitors.
  • Seller shall refrain from using any fraudulent or manipulative software or tools in product ratings or customer responses.
  • Seller shall refrain from posting or posting any content that infringes the intellectual property rights of any other person.
  • The seller must refrain from raising any disputes with customers, business partners, or competitors, and on the contrary, disputes must be resolved in a civilized and friendly manner.
  • Commission rate: This percentage means the percentage that the platform takes from the value of the commercial transaction that took place on the platform. The commission rate varies according to the type of product or service offered.
  • The seller must pay it to the platform as a commission, even if the value of the transaction is small.
  • Commission on additional services: A commission may be charged on additional services provided by the platform such as technical support, product promotion, and financial operations.
  • Additional costs: Platforms and brokers can charge additional costs such as subscription fees or advertising fees to get more supply and demand on the platform.
  • The seller must not price-goug or add hidden, undisclosed fees for the products or services they offer.
  • The seller must provide correct and transparent information about the products or services they offer, and not mislead buyers in any way.
  • Seller shall not promote fake products or products of low quality or irrelevant to what was agreed with buyers.
  • The seller shall provide excellent customer service and respond quickly to any inquiries or complaints regarding the products or services.
  • The seller must abide by all laws and regulations for selling products and services on the platform, and not perform any illegal or illegal acts.
  • The seller must deliver the products on the agreed date, and not delay or cancel the order.

**** If the seller does not abide by the terms of the contract or the terms and conditions that he is required to abide by, he exposes himself to potentially serious legal issues. In the event of non-compliance with the seller's terms of fraud, fraud, and fraud, the seller bears the legal and civil liability that results from these illegal acts.

The nature of the legal consequences depends on the severity of the abuses committed by the seller, and those affected by these abuses. The seller can be subject to financial fines or criminal penalties, and may have to compensate buyers for any damages incurred due to his transgressions.

In addition, additional penalties may be imposed on the seller by the platform that he uses to sell his products, and the seller's account may be blocked and prevented from accessing the platform in the future.

Therefore, it is necessary for sellers to abide by the terms of the contract, terms and conditions, and to ensure that they do not commit any illegal transgressions that harm the interests of buyers or the platform****