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Order & Delivery

  • The delivery cost is determined based on the region, weight, size and delivery time.
  • The delivery time is specified, and it varies according to the region, the delivery company, and the time the order is placed.
  • The customer must provide correct and complete delivery information, such as address, phone number, and delivery instructions.
  • Unavailability of some products or delays in delivery may occur due to reasons beyond our control, such as bad weather or natural disasters.
  • The cancellation and return policy is determined based on the delivery company and the type of product ordered, This policy usually includes a certain period of time for the possibility of cancellation or return.
  • The customer must read the terms of delivery of the order well and agree to them before placing the order and ensure that they are understood correctly in order to avoid any error or problems in the delivery of the order.
  • The supplier or seller prepares the order and prepares it for delivery.
  • Coordination is made with the delivery company to schedule and implement the delivery process.
  • The delivery company transfers the order to the buyer, and provides tracking information to know the status of the order.
  • The order is received by the buyer, making sure that it is safe and sound.

****The terms and rules of the order delivery process are determined based on the type of goods or products sent, the region it is sent to, the shipping service used, and the insurance and guarantees available. Delivery terms may also include delivery cost and shipping time, insurance, inspection and customs clearance requirements for products, as well as rules for returns and cancellations if the buyer is not satisfied with the order or there is a delivery error.****